Existing Customer and Require After Hours IT Assistance?

Is Boutique IT really this good?

Working with a boutique IT consulting company has many benefits versus working with a large, impersonal IT consulting firm. Personalized service that may be more difficult to get with a larger IT consulting company is easily found with a much smaller IT consulting company.

So now to the top 10

  1. The people you trusted at the time you signed up are often the very same people who will service your IT.
  2. You get direct access to the people that are actually doing the work rather than just the account manager, who normally manages to limit your effectiveness.
  3. Access to and/or a relationship with the business owner, whose passion and vision gave rise to the company.
  4. Ability to shift priorities quicker, ability to respond in a meaningful way, how many times do IT companies promise a quick response? yet the ones who respond are unable to actually fix the issue.
  5. A true Partner, your business is important to the Boutique firm, you are not just a number, you are not just another account, another win for the sales team, you become an important part of the day to day function of the boutique IT.
  6. A sense of ownership in getting the job done rather than following a rigid and inflexible set of internal procedures whose primary purpose is to protect the bloated large IT company and its loyal band of Salespeople.
  7. The bottom line, yes the boutique company is as concerned about it as the client, unlike bigger IT companies with huge overheads the Boutique company stays lean and mean.
  8. Leading Edge not bleeding edge, the IT strategy of the Boutique IT company is driven through people with skin in the game, not some CTO who thinks this would be a neat thing to try out on their unassuming client base.
  9. Boutique IT firms cannot afford to support average or mediocre staff, you get experience, supported experience, the relevant experience which only a small Boutique IT firm can cultivate.
  10. Marketing Budgets, what’s that? – Boutique firms rely on word of mouth and sheer preference, its another overhead you’re not paying for, unlike in these large, slick, smoke and mirrors IT firms which can change the world one expensive hour at a time.
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How hard is it to switch to Deeptech?

We are experts in IT Transition, our experience with onboarding customers from other service providers is extensive. We understand your business doesn’t stop running, we’re here to make sure your technology keeps up and ensure a smooth transition into a positive partnership. Contact us today for a confidential discussion on how to make the switch.

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Why can we not be everything to everyone?

It’s impossible to be a successful business and market a brand in a way that serves everyone. First of all, you can’t possibly please everyone all the time and, secondly, you can’t possibly offer everything that everyone would want all the time either. It’s simply impossible. When we try to be everything for everybody, we run the risk of being nothing for nobody. We end up watering down our business proposition and our brand promise in an attempt to be as broad as possible. We end up accomplishing far less than we had hoped, which is exhausting.

We do what we are best at. We concentrate on offerings where we are truly are better than our competitors and are relevant to our client’s businesses. We focus on our competitive advantages and make those the core of our business. Our goal is to be the best available at the things that matter the most to our customers, rather than just average on a bunch of things that appeal to the masses.

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I want to pay peanuts and get something other than monkeys?

Any time you’re considering an IT provider, you will want to seriously evaluate what they’re offering. The experience, talent, training and processes the IT company brings to the table matter. These are the factors that make one IT provider different from another, for example, quantitatively better than another. It’s important to know that the IT provider you choose has the ability to do the level of work you need to support your business, the smoke and mirrors only go so far – bad IT is worse than no IT.

In a perfect world, we’d be making these comparisons on an apples-to-apples basis. That’s not the case when we evaluate service organizations. What really happens, too often, is we jump directly to the price tag and make our choices based solely on our budget.

If you want to be known as a quality business, you need to work with quality people, quality people know the difference between price and cost and why the price is only half of the story. It’s that simple.

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My IT are just a nice bunch, always smile and ask how my dog is - why change?

Your provider may be nice, but how good is the IT service they provide? That is, after all, why you pay them. Why not aim for a nice bunch who are also good at IT? That’s going to be the best way to have great IT and save money.

If you want to be known as a quality business, you need to work with quality people. It’s that simple.

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I just don't understand IT, I will just leave it to beaver, is that a good IT strategy?

Luckily for you, it is our job to understand IT so that you don’t have to!

In an age where IT is the backbone to being a successful and profitable organisation, you will require a professional and capable IT service provider to ensure your systems work seamlessly and even more effectively than ever before.

You just do what you are good at and we will do what we are good at (and even enjoy), which is looking after your IT infrastructure.

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